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A 5-Step Guide for Companies to Drive Corporate Social Responsibility this Holiday Season

As the year wraps up and the holiday spirit fills the air, Neki is here to remind you that together, we can create waves of change, one act of goodness at a time. It's the perfect time to give back and connect with your local community in a meaningful way. We're here to show you that it's easier than you think to create an impactful social work activity in collaboration with nonprofits and drive your corporate social responsibility initiatives this holiday season. Let's dive in, fuelled by the warmth of the season! ☃️🌟

Step 1: Choose Your Cause with Heart ❤️

Neki - choose your cause with heart
Neki CSR - Step 1 - choose your cause with heart

Start by selecting a cause that truly resonates with your team. Whether it's supporting underprivileged children, caring for the environment, or feeding the hungry, let your heart guide you.

Narrow down your focus to a concrete cause. For instance, if environmental sustainability is your cause, pinpoint activities like tree planting, waste reduction, or community clean-ups.

Did you know that 88% of consumers are more loyal to companies that support social or environmental causes? Your customers will love you for it! 💚

Step 2: Find Your Local Nonprofit Partner 🤝

Find your local nonprofit partner
Neki CSR - Step 2 - Find your local nonprofit partner

Reach out to local nonprofits that share your passion. Research and compile a list of local nonprofits directly addressing the specific aspects of your chosen cause. Reach out to them with a personalized message expressing your interest in collaboration.

Neki makes this process even easier, you can effortlessly look for local nonprofits that align with the cause you're passionate about. Just sign in to your Neki account and filter nonprofits based on the cause you want to support.

Picture the faces you can brighten, and the lives you can touch through your collaboration. Your support at this moment can be a source of inspiration, lighting up lives. ✨

Step 3: Plan Your Impactful Activity 🎉

Neki CSR - Plan your impactful activity
Neki CSR - Step 3 - Plan your impactful activity

Brainstorm fun and engaging activities that align with your chosen cause. Tailor your activities to directly contribute to your chosen cause. For environmental causes, plan a tree-planting event or a local park clean-up. Specify the logistics, including dates, locations, and required resources for each activity.

Whether it's organizing a charity run, a holiday toy drive, or a clean-up event, there's an opportunity to make a difference. Remember, 70% of consumers believe it's important for companies to take a stand on social and environmental issues. 🌍

Step 4: Engage Your Employees🙌

NEKI CSR - Engage your employees
NEKI CSR - STEP 4 - Engage your employees

Get your employees excited and involved! Volunteering together boosts team morale and strengthens bonds. Create a team-specific volunteering plan based on your chosen cause. If it's environmental sustainability, plan activities like community garden projects or recycling initiatives.

A whopping 94% of employees who participate in workplace volunteer activities report improved mood and self-esteem. 😊

You can enhance this experience with Neki! Neki offers the option to join volunteering opportunities through its 'Volunteering' feature. Utilize this feature to coordinate a team volunteering experience, providing your team with a seamless way to submit their volunteering requests and contribute to meaningful causes. 🌟

Step 5: Share your stories of Impact📸

NEKI CSR Share your story of impact
NEKI CSR _ STEP 5 - Share your story of impact

Assign a team member as the designated documentarian to capture high-quality photos and videos during each activity. Create a content-sharing plan for social media platforms, ensuring a mix of real-time updates and post-event reflections.

Craft compelling captions highlighting the impact achieved and expressing gratitude to the community and your team. Capture your heartwarming moments and share them on social media. Your customers and community will love seeing the good you're doing.

Making a positive impact during the holiday season is not only rewarding but also good for your business. Navigating these steps becomes even more easy with the support of the Neki Platform. So, let's create some happiness, make connections, and spread the love this year 🌈💖.

Remember, it's not about the size of the gesture; it's the heart behind it. So, let's get out there and make a difference. Happy holidays! 🎄🎁


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