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Empower your 


to do good

The social impact community for your organization to connect, share and engage with your supporters and teams through impact-driven activities and conversations. 

NEKI for Organizations

Weave social impact into

your organization's DNA

There is a shift in mindset. Your stakeholders and younger supporters need a deeper connection and expect immediate and transparent feedback on impact.

Inspire & Engage
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Differentiate your Brand

The platform provides multifaceted options for organizations to engage their stakeholders and supporters through a dedicated social community. Nonprofits and their supporters can interact on the platform, create events, fundraising, and friend-raising campaigns, and share impact stories.

NEKI for Companies

Put NEKI to work.

Make your organization

a force for good. fundraiser image (16).png

Build engagement through service

Shared personal values create new communities, increasing engagement

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Neki helps your volunteers create an impact in a way that directly affects your engagement

Automate social impact experiences

Personalized multifaceted options for virtual, hybrid, and in-person

social impact opportunities

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Personalized volunteering opportunities

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Champion cause through fundraising

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Local In-Kind donation opportunities fundraiser image (15).png fundraiser image (14).png

Measure outcomes using advanced analytics

Design social impact strategy and measure outcomes through advanced analytics

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Measure Engagement

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View impact by campaigns

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Dashboard with KPIs

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Detailed Reporting for deeper insights

NEKI for Non Profits

Connect for good.

Your nonprofit community hub

Neki is a community platform that provides a dedicated social community and multifaceted options for nonprofits to engage their supporters. Nonprofits and their supporters collaborate on the platform to create events, fundraising, and volunteering campaigns and share impact stories.

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NEKI for non-profts

About us

Built on acts of goodness we are on a mission to inspire a generation of changemakers.

We empower organizations and their stakeholders/supporters to make a meaningful difference in the world by providing a collaborative, impact-driven platform for positive change.

About us

Meet The Team

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Ron Dutta
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"I want to help organizations build a sustainable future by empowering them to connect and engage with their stakeholders and supporters in meaningful ways"

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Lilach Ohad
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Chief Customer Officer

"I believe each individual should be empowered to follow their own social impact journey"

Meet the team

What are people saying about NEKI?

"Neki is an innovative platform"

The Pangea Network has the incredible benefit of engaging with Neki from a non-profit perspective.  For us, we are incredibly appreciative of the fundraising partnership and are excited to watch Neki grow to become a new model for knowledge sharing and philanthropy and positive force for change in the world

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Nicole Minor, Executive Director

The Pangea Network

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